Asia Pacific Brazilian Zouk


Q: What is APAC?
A: APAC stands for Asia Pacific and generally refers to the countries of East Asia bordering the Pacifc as well as Oceania (Australia & New Zealand)

Q: What is the purpose of this page?
A: APAC Zouk is a directory of Brazilian Zouk teachers, studios, and event organizers in the APAC region.  Most of this information is already available on social media somewhere,  but many people traveling around Asia and Oceania don’t know where to find the organizers in other countries.  Having the information all in one place makes it easier for dancers to find Zouk wherever they’re going.

Q: How do I use this site to find dance events/classes/parties?
A: Click on Events to search for events by date or country.  The events are synced from the APAC Zouk- Brazilian Zouk Events in Asia Pacific (EVENTS ONLY) Facebook Group.  Click on Organizers to find teachers/studios/organizers by country and see their profile and social media/website/contact info.

Q: How do I list myself as an organizer/studio?
A: First, register as an organizer.  A site admin will review your information and contact you if necessary.  After we’ve verified you, we’ll enable your account and your organization’s info will be listed.

Q: Who can register as an organizer?
A: If you teach, host parties, or organize special events in the Asia Pacific region, you can register as an organizer.

Q: How do I list an event?
A: Join the APAC Zouk- Brazilian Zouk Events in Asia Pacific (EVENTS ONLY) Facebook group and request to have the event added.  If you are an organizer, you can ask us to be added as a moderator so you can post directly.

Q: What if I don’t use Facebook to post events?
A: At this time, we only show events that are listed on Facebook because that is the easiest way to get people to share events.

Q: Can I list events not directly related to Brazilian Zouk?
A: No.  Only events that directly relate to Brazilian Zouk can be listed.  Mixed events can be listed as long as they include zouk parties or workshops.

Q: How many times should I list my event?
List events one time.  This is like a calendar, and it is sorted by date.  There is no reason to list an event more than once.  Any accounts spamming events will be disabled.

Should I list all of my local classes and parties?
A:  No. Do not list local parties or classes.  Instead, describe your regular local classes/parties in your organizer page.  Dancers can find your organization listing and description and then go to your social media or website for more details.

Q: What do you consider a special event?
A: A special event, for the purpose of this directory, is an event that is likely to attract international travelers, such as workshops/weekenders/retreats with regional or international artists,festivals, and dance marathons.

Q: Can I upload a cover photo for my organization/event?
A: Yes.  JPG, GIF, PNG, and widescreen ratio only, please (you can use your FB cover size images).

Q: Is there a cost to use the site as an organizer or dancer?
A: No, this site is provided free of charge 😇

Q: This site is awesome.  Can I do anything to support it?
A: Yes!  Tell other dancers and organizers to use APACZouk so it becomes the best resource possible, and support the events of organizers in the region 🙂

Q: Who is behind this site?
A: APAC Zouk was created by Glenn Sloat, the founder of Flow Taipei and Taiwan Zouk Festival in Taiwan.